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I was hopeless when I called 411 Intervention. However, Cindy Nichols immediately comforted me and gave me the direction I needed to plan a family intervention. With Cindy involved, I was able to answer all of the questions that my family members had. She helped me get everyone on board. When the intervention day came, I was at peace knowing that we were in good hands. My son just celebrated his first year of sobriety. In the past year, I have witnessed tremendous growth. He participates in our family functions; he helps others and has now set such a great example for my other children. I can’t help but think what might have happened if I did not take the step to organize an intervention. I am grateful to Cindy for her calm, charismatic, and professional approach to helping a mom like me, find a solution for her son.

- Wendy R.

In June of 2009, my husband and I researched interventions. We never knew anyone with a drug problem. We had no friends or relatives who could point us in the right direction. Our daughter refused to get help for her Crystal Meth problem. She would have short periods of (what we thought was) sobriety. Inevitably, the time would come when she would disappear for days. After a year of this happening regularly, my husband and I got wise and started to search for her at drug houses. During her last disappearance, my husband and I searched for an entire week with no response or indication that she was alive. Finally, Jessica called from a friend’s house and asked me to pick her up. When I pulled up to the house where she was staying, I could not believe my eyes. She was sitting on the front steps. Her eyes were sunken in and she had lost over 10 pounds. After getting her into the car, I was amazed that she was still in denial and refused to go to a treatment center. My husband and I called 411 Intervention and within 24 hours, Cindy Nichols had organized a family intervention. Cindy gave us clear directions on how to prepare for the intervention. The interventionist assisted us and addressed all of my family’s concerns. We were very nervous about confronting our daughter in fear that she would leave our home again. Cindy recommended the perfect interventionist. The interventionist immediately made a trusting connection with my daughter and she convinced her to go to treatment. This last year has not been easy. Jessica has done some very difficult work. I know that more work lies ahead but I haven’t had to stay up worrying about Jessica. She is out of denial and she is in recovery; thanks to 411 Intervention.

- Amy P.

Cindy was the answer to my prayers. I was able to speak to Cindy Mother-to-Mother. This made all the difference in the world. When you are in a state of fear, it helps to know that the interventionist has personal experience with helping a loved-one seek treatment.

- Annett L.

Cindy was the only person who could convince our son to get treatment. Everyone had told him that he didn’t need treatment for alcohol and marijuana abuse and that he could quit on his own. Living in the house with our son, we knew that he couldn’t help himself. Moments after speaking with Cindy, our son agreed to try to go to a treatment center. Today he is doing well and decided on his own, to live in a sober living environment. He has decided to follow his dream and has enrolled for fall classes to finish his degree to become a school teacher.”

- Mark T.

I can’t thank you enough for being the person on the other end of the line when I called the Treatment Center Hotline. You were there to guide me through that to do, who to call, how to get my son out of the area and to get help the very next day. I felt so lost as to what to do and down to my last ounce of sanity on the matter and you were there. You made the calls for me to get him on a plane the next day and in a treatment facility that best suited his needs and our budget. He is remaining in that area, working full time for a treatment center, helping others, and staying clean and sober himself. I finally have peace of mind on where he is in his life and the direction his life has taken and he is so happy with where he is and wants to continue his education and better his life. He has goals again and loves what he is doing. Most of all he is living a happy, clean, good life; thanks to you! You were our saving grace and I can’t thank you enough!

- Dawn D.