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Senior Citizens

Create Your Care at Custom Care is a full service treatment facility that caters to those who are 50 years and older. According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), drug abuse among older adults has been on the rise including abuse of illicit drugs. With the swell in these statistics, there is a need for age-specific programs that have the comforts and amenities of home.

There is Still Hope

Older adults that find help in a substance abuse treatment program find that their quality of life improves significantly and it also lessens the sadness of their family members as well as other members of their community. At Create Your Care at Custom Care, we take into consideration many of the factors that specifically affect older adults, their interactions with drugs and alcohol as well as their course of treatment.

How Senior Treatment Differs

  • It is important to offer age-specific treatment that supports the individual’s personal believes and values and does not put them down or make them feel bad about themselves. Building their self-esteem is key both to long-term recovery and continued happy living and long life.
  • Understanding their sense of loss about getting older, losing friends, opportunities or other relationships due to drugs or alcohol. Focusing on dealing with issues such as depression, loneliness, sadness, etc. is very important.
  • Creating a treatment program that is paced for the lifestyle of older adults – one that focuses on contentment and small attainable goals.
  • The treatment program works in conjunction with other programs for older adults so that they are able to build and maintain healthy friendships with other adults and participate in activities they can carry with them outside of treatment.
  • Most importantly, providing constant access to medical services as well as long-term case management solutions is one of the cornerstones of older adult recovery.

Effective substance abuse treatment for seniors is available at Create Your Care at Custom Care and we provide appropriate classes, wellness activities, education programs, healthy skills programs and invest time in the future of each participate. They are given tools to succeed in long-term recovery and leave feeling with a new sense of hope, self-esteem and contentment about life. No one should struggle with addiction alone. We are here to help.