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411 Intervention is an intervention and treatment coordinating organization. I have had the pleasure of knowing Cindy Nichols, the founder of 411 Intervention for many years. With fifteen years of sobriety, Cindy’s passion is helping families find solutions for their loved ones. If you have a loved one who is unable or unwilling to go to treatment, please contact Cindy. She will provide you with advice and direction based on her many years of experience with interventions and treatment.

When you speak to Cindy and the staff at 411 Intervention, you will instantly feel relief. Many distraught family members call with little hope but by the end of the conversation, they are comforted in knowing that there is a solution for drug and alcohol addiction. View the accompanying video for an example on the kind of empathy, compassion and professionalism you will experience by calling 411 intervention.

Cindy is able to provide you with solutions for a professional interventionist, a treatment facility, or even some kind advice and direction on how to break through your loved-one’s denial.